Why Understanding Foundational Exercise Principle is Important?

Foundational Exercise with imran

In order to explain the foundational principle, we must know the answer to “Why first of all we want to exercise!?”, Is it to be pain free(lower back,shoulder,knee pain etc.),look good (weight loss,fat loss etc.) or is it all of it,which is to be fit,to be active and functional in day to day life.

Being aware of the goals before hand and conscious about the biofeedback such as pain,discomfort,tightness,uneasiness in certain movements is important for building a sustainable program. “A good program is built on health and vitality”,and priority of sustainable program is to first build health! , for fitness and performance in later stage.

To build health and vitality for newbie’s,below mentioned are the first phase baby steps towards the bigger goal.

1)Corrective exercise training program: “is a movement or exercise chosen to improve postural fitness.” (eg. planks,bridging,TRX or bands stability drills etc.)

2)Movement pattern training: “are basics of physical literacy”(eg. Squat,Bend & Extension,Rotation,Push,pull,Gaits etc.),
learning the right way to move for better function and health.

3)Aerobic base: “low intensity cardio” ( 45 mins walk or low intensity cycling or brisk walk)

Once the above 3 parameters are fulfilled and health,vitality and function is established, is the time to begin the progression to fitness specific goals such as endurance and strength.”Its wise to think about exercise as a medium to move the body correctly,progressively and consciously for optimum result and functioning.” For  Foundational Exercise training contact #imranBajaj

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