Yash Chugh

I worked with Imran Sir when he was the Head Trainer at Absolutions fitness. I believe he has more knowledge about muscle building, strength training and athletic improvement than most trainers out there. The knowledge he has imparted in me helped me understand my own body and general concepts of nutrition and exercise better. He is a prime example of studied, applied and practical understanding. I went from a skinnyfat college student who became more conscious about my own body after classes with Imran Sir. His help and knowledge was priceless and he is a mentor who has helped me on my journey very well.

September 2, 2016


Vaibhav Khare

There are two kinds of being fit; mentally and physically. Any trainer can make you look physically fit but to become fit inside out it requires efforts from both the trainer and yourself. Imran sir belongs to that second category. He believes that to build your body muscles you need to build your inner strength too. As a trainers he works hard with trainees and also as a mentor he gives appropriate time to every individual. I am thankful that I have been trained under his guidance.

September 2, 2016


Tapasya Babbar Gulati

Firstly, I would like to thank Imran Sir for choosing me and believing in me, that I could stand up to his expectations. Secondly, Imran sir is the best coach and full of knowledge which is not there in other instructors. I feel more energetic and have more balanc with my body and mind.

September 2, 2016


Abhay Paranjape

Imran was my fitness trainer in Absolutions at Gurgaon. He is one of the best in his role. Has depth of knowledge of philology, studies the client body chemistry, the work schedule and offers holistic solution to the problem. He guides us through the right diet plans, exercises and overall do’s and dont’s.

September 19, 2016


Animesh & Renu

Imran is knowledgeable and has way more proven experience than anyone else in the Strength and Conditioning Industry in this part of the world.
A well rounded development of my physique and I did follow Imran’s instructions and program religiously for the results I have achieved.

Animesh & Renu September 19, 2016



I had a bulky 90 kilos of weight with high fat percentage. For me loosing weight and gaining lean muscles was the prime target and where could I get better guidance and training with Imran! In 3 Months I lost almost 10 kilos without any weakness or strength loss. Next 6 months I concentrated on gaining lean muscles and after 3 years of training my photo says it all- I have found the spring of youth..

September 19, 2016


Akanksha Gupta

He's the perfect mix of tough and encouraging, and can help anyone of all fitness levels.
Not only does he come up with amazing circuits that leave me sore for a week - he also knows how to deal with different injuries and sensitivities. I have horrible feet and he's given me low-impact but strenuous workouts every time . That being said, he knows when something painful can be rolled/stretched out rather than just worked around. A couple of times when I complained of pain, he had my roll out tight spots and to my amazement, I instantaneously had a better range of motion. He is definitely the one who can help you reach your fitness and health goals..thank you sir!

September 19, 2016


Jayesh Nema

I have had the opportunity to train under Imran in Gurgaon. He has this distinct quality to look for crucial details, weaknesses, consider client preferences, think beyond obvious and have a deep sense of customer requirement.
Imran has a great sense of ownership and his attention to detail was exceptional. His well rounded outlook towards fitness ensures that the client reaches his fitness goals the right way and stays there in future.
He is a highly motivated, enterprising and organized individual with a very professional work ethic. I would recommend him very strongly.

September 19, 2016


Shabana Parveen

Imran has been personally training me for 5+years following the birth of my son. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Imran’s perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. His professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to his work and ultimately his clients provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundation for a new healthier lifestyle. He is personable and has a lot of integrity and he is one of the best coaches. To turn a lifelong couch potato into a exercise regime is no small feat. Outstanding master of his raft incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge, expert in weight training, power lifting, strength and conditional, functional fitness and a warm spontaneous personality that makes workout fun. He is brimming with brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. He is the real deal in an industry full of wannabees and is the standard by which any trainer should be measured in the country I have seen amazing transformation and have never felt stronger or healthier. Imran makes each and every workout challenging, creative and most importantly fun! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise. He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and flexibility have improved immensely and have got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, then Imran will lead you every step of the way. Thank you Imran, you are the best!!

September 20, 2016


Niti Chaudhary

I have always been struggling with my weight loss and tried almost everything from fad diet to all the quick fix available which didn't involve proper diet and exercise and finally I decided I have had enough and I need to train myself with an expert and there I met Imran Sir who taught me, that there is no quick fix ideas to weight loss and it requires a lot of dedication where I will have to work towards it slowly and with a proper technique ! He worked as hard with me to set and obtain healthy fitness goals. Since with a Fitness Guru like him, firstly, I learnt a proper technique to weight loss which wasn't possible without proper guidance cz before I met him I really didn't know what I was doing when it came to working with weights. After losing 20 kgs with his help and guidance, now I feel more confident, look way better than before. With him I gained knowledge regarding the proper technique for, which is required to reduce the risk of injury. He not only instilled confidence and discipline in me but I got to know the importance of a Fitness Guru in one's life ! With his help now I am Size "S" I am better inside out. He has helped me with my endurance and overall performance cz he has always been there with me in every step of my journey with my weight loss. I owe it all to him ! Thank you Sir for giving me a new life, a NEW ME.

September 20, 2016


Rushabh Sheoran

I have known Imran for over 7 years and have had the privilege of training under him at Fitness First, Gurgaon. Imran is an extremely patient and knowledgeable fitness trainer. I chose him to train me because he has the intelligence and know how to help anyone achieve their goals. His vast knowledge extends from minute details of correct posture, technique, all the way to full fledged plans and workout chart. I enjoyed working with him because he is very well qualified and keeps up with the constantly evolving and growing fitness industry.
I always liked Imran's straightforward, correct and polite attitude towards myself and other clients as well.
It has been a true pleasure training with him.

September 20, 2016


Hakeem Shabbir Ali

I was fortunate to workout with Imran. He guided me on some basic exercises which had an immediate effect on my body and I could feel the change soon. Unlike other coaches with whom I have worked before, Imran’s focus is not on mass building but he moulds your body in such a way that you feel better by gaining stamina & flexibility. He has the core knowledge of bodybuilding and fitness and shares all that with his trainees. Good luck, Imran!

September 20, 2016


Adhiraj Rajpal

Educated professional who knows his subject very well. Gives attention to details, be his personal clients’ or member of the gym.

September 20, 2016


Mayank Singh Negi

Your fitness philosophy is most astute and insightful. Wish you all the best for Squad Fit..

September 20, 2016



I have had constant weight for past 10 years which was not out of range but kind of stuck there always. The problem was - kind of lifestyle I have staying away from home, with disturbed sleeping and eating patterns, back pain because of long sitting hours. Like all, 1 day I made a choice to join a gym and being fully aware of my lazy nature I asked for a personal trainer who is THE BEST in the gym and I got introduced to Mr. Imran Bajaj.
When I started training with him I was impressed by his vast knowledge not just for the training part but also diet, nutrition and supplements. He is like a package deal one stop for fitness!
As I already mentioned, being a lazy person I used to workout for 2-3 times a week some time skipping a day in that as well but Imran kept me motivated and under his guidance I could see just in 3 months how my body transformed to be more in shape, my back pain all gone and my body posture changed. All this with the type of exercises which never left me drained, unlike my previous personal training days.
He taught me a lot about nutrition and lifestyle changes which are sustainable. Not a quick fixes but something which goes a long long way keeping one- healthy, fit and functional! For me, Imran Bajaj is the best personal trainer.

September 20, 2016



With the help of Imran "I cut my body fat in half (from 30.6% to 14.2%) and lost 26.6 pounds! This has been a pivotal moment in my life because I have exercised for a long time, but have never gotten to the point where I feel like my results have matched my effort. This is the best I have been in my life and plan to get even leaner. All thanks to Imran and his continuous technical support. I have been able to sharpen my focus and have not allowed any distractions to keep me from achieving my goal.

September 20, 2016