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12 Key Foundations To Fat Loss-Part 2

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    What follows are 12 key factors that have proven for many to provide effective, attainable and sustainable foundations for continued fat loss success. Use them and you, too, will enjoy great health and enviable physical development for many years to come.

    Take time to regularly weigh yourself, measure your body fat levels and, if appropriate and relevant, assess any changes in muscle growth.Doing so will give you important data from which to re-evaluate your existing programs and to plan for even greater success.Be sure to note any progress in your journals – however large or small – and extensively record all workouts and meals.

    The number one reason why people fail to achieve their fitness goals is the lack of consistency they are often proven to show.Try to determine whether you have been consistent with the application of your training and nutrition guidelines and the effort you have applied to both.

    Lacking confidence in your ability to lose weight will surely negate any fat loss efforts. After extensive goal setting and planning it is time to work towards building the body of your dreams.The greatest victory comes from proving to yourself that you can achieve something of lasting significance. So, only listen to those who wish to encourage you and be confident that you will complete all of the challenges that stand in your way.

    Regardless of how perfect your diet may appear, your results may be compromised through various nutritional deficiencies.The supplements I personally use and recommend for fat loss are:

    Whey protein.
    Omega three fish oils.
    A broad spectrum multi vitamin and mineral product.
    Additional vitamin C.

    The key here is to – regardless of the degree of success we achieve – sustain high motivation levels throughout the duration of our body transformation. The weight loss process can be enormously frustrating. At a certain stage in our program we may reach a plateau where excess weight may refuse to be budged. This is exactly the time when our motivation levels need to be highest. One way to remain positive in such a situation is to review what you have accomplished and note from this that success can be attained. Talk to others who have experienced similar problems and issues and draw strength from them.

    if you do not already have one, a training partner can make a tremendous difference to the quality of your workouts through the motivation they offer – by encouraging you to push further than you may otherwise be motivated to – and the mutual goals they might have (they may face the same obstacles your do; by working together you can both find solutions to overcome your training challenges).

    As outlined in the above foundations, transforming one’s body takes a multifaceted approach encompassing many related factors, all of which support and encourage ongoing progress. To lose fat specifically requires an attitude shift whereby one must feel that what they are embarking upon is achievable. hey must at all times have the confidence needed to remain focused and consistently pushing forward, motivated to achieve all of their goals.If you can successfully incorporate these into your lifestyle there is nothing stopping you from creating your own fat loss transformation success story.


    First of all thank-you for this program ..it will really help a lot of individuals like me.. and secondly are supplements necessary?and I have a lot o f chest fat basically lower chest fat..I want to get rid of it..so should I be in caloric surplus to build some muscles on my upper part of the chest or should I be on the other side of it.?

    Imran Bajaj

    Hi Prince,

    I hope after going through the 12 Key Foundations To Fat Loss,I believe you have a rough idea how the body transformation works.Further to your questions,pls find the answer below:

    1)Are supplements necessary?
    In terms of diet adherence,supplements are good as far as making life easier is concerned. As it gets difficult sometimes to access whole food when one is busy,on the go or not able to fulfill the required nutrition demand.But to make it clear supplements are only 20% of your diet, 80% of the diet should be taken care by whole foods.So to get an edge supplements does help in a nutrition program.Supplements I recommend and believe to be sufficient for majority of the goals are as follows:
    a) A good whey protein isolate post workout
    b) BCAA (Pre or intra workout)
    c) Glutamine ( Intra workout)
    d) A good multivitamin

    2)I have a lot of chest fat basically lower chest fat..I want to get rid of it..so should I be in caloric surplus to build some muscles on my upper part of the chest or should I be on the other side of it.?
    I would suggest you to first get rid of fat through calorie deficit, why is that so because it will help you get rid of your chest fat too. And in the process you might get leaner but at the same time you will get sharper and muscular too.Most of the time if one tries to gain muscle without losing fat, the chances are you might put on unnecessary fat with the gains which might ruin the end result. So I would suggest you to lose fat first through calorie deficit and after you reach around 12% body fat,think about gaining.

    Pls find below a sample chest routine to start with:

    2 times in a week with a gap of 72 hours
    Bench press 12,10,8
    Incline bench press 12,10,8
    Decline flys 12,12,12
    push ups 50

    I hope this answers your query.

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