The diet worked so well I had to quit following it

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Since this morning as part of my regular day ritual, I had been going through some health and fitness topics. Going through plenty of it for few hours, and having the habit to reflect on the literature with my own experiences for satisfactory validation. I realized there is no diet or exercise routine or practices/methods I wouldn’t have experimented on myself, it might have occurred naturally or sometimes through literary references but let me assure”I have tried it all or 90% of them all,” to be precise. The first memory of me start training was when i was 12, the voyage of passion turned professional in my early 20’s. So its been more then a decade now! me been part of the fitness industry scene, and most of my topsy-turvy believes shatter everyday.It could be out of my deliberate practice attitude towards my work, which continuously stimulate me to find the most ethical and scientific method.

As science is constantly evolving with new knowledge and sometimes replacing the old ones. “Exercise and nutrition science is no different but a branch of exercise and nutrition physiology which also responds to the advancement in modern science.”

Coming back to the caption, I believe it wont be long when the “dieting phenomenon” will become a subject of dark ages. Based on my personal experience from various dieting doctrine( paleo,zone,Keto,IF,IIFYM etc…), and through deliberate practice and research of authentic sources and coaches of whom ironically you wont find million followers on the digital world. “I feel convinced that none of these diets can offer a permanent solution!” As a matter of fact,

“its better not to yo-yo diet if you are not going to do it for the rest of your life.”

The future of dieting lies in not dieting rather eating well within your genetic demand or selection of food. Its a way of living were you incorporate food that suits your metabolism and biochemical environment( in simple term the “gut”). I have experienced calorie counting and pushing the body to exhaustive bout of exercise sessions is the sure shot recipe for metabolic damage and disaster. Eat less,exercise more has only build casualties which fades away faster than the transformation pictures!,and not sustainable physically fit body.

Technically! diet is a medium to reset your metabolism and bring it back to a level wherein you don’t really have to eat less and exercise more( violating the principle of human physiology).Instead a hyper metabolism state that allows the freedom to eat more and exercise less(isn’t it true that exercise is just a tip of the iceberg). Life is precious so a healthy body,

“Just because it’s what’s done doesn’t mean it’s what should be done!”

I introspect on my personal experience and observation of the industry, that lets not engage in unethical/temporary practices and focus on “building the body and not deteriorating.” If the method is fast,aggressive and makes you miserable, its not the right method. If you are transforming slowly but steadily and you sleep well, feel good and energetic, and you are assured it can be sustained rest of your life. I guarantee you are on the right path.

Physical fitness can never be gloomy and tormenting in nature,unfortunately thats not the psyche we see around. But I would like people to see the brighter positive side of eating,moving and sleeping well.
“The goals will follow joy.”

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