Why Corrective Exercises Matters ?

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I have shared the glimpse on my last post about Corrective exercise training program, “as a movement or exercise chosen to improve postural fitness.” As we all go through some sort of pain,discomfort and feeling of tightness in performing our day to day activities. These are mere indications that something is missing in our exercise program and need to be addresses for optimum well-being. At personal level in the midst of my well thought exercise routine, I sometime fall prey to such instances and circumstances wherein I have to reassess my training priorities and get serious on addressing recurring issues, in my case such as neck pain,quad and hip flexor tightness, because of my bodies ability to adopt to lordotic pattern quite naturally.

The crux is every human frame pattern has a tendency and natural inclination to imbalances,misalignment and postural compromises out of lifestyle and incurred habits. Frankly and practically speaking being conscious about alignment and posture going through an already preoccupied day sounds to be an almost impossible practice. But deliberate practice in that one hour in the gym while moving or performing an exercise, is something I vouch!. This is where exercise technique plays a crucial role, moving and lifting consciously with good techniques for an hour is possible and thus it keeps us aware about the flaws and prepares to explore different training tools to keep progressing.Quality over quantity is the philosophy I would say, the other important measure is when we perform certain exercises we are continuously on the move and primary muscles(prime movers) takes over the task and help us to complete the movement,For e.g. “quads and glutes in Squat” and “pectoral,anterior deltoid and triceps in Bench press/push ups.”

But the entire movement metric stands on the stabilizing muscles, muscles responsible to keep the skeletal frame together and rigid performing different movements. Stabilizers are deep muscle insertion underneath the “superficial muscle frame we often see in the mirror flexing.” Stabilizers are like cemented pillars and beams we see on buildings, it keeps the posture,alignment of the human joint mechanism intact and saves it from over-committing and compromising the harmony of the musculoskeletal system principle.In order to keep the stabilizers active and firing, it has to be trained alongside prime-movers. The best time to consider is during warm up, For e.g. Isometrics like planks,bridging and dead bug are few exercises which fires the stabilizers( erector spine,transverse abdominus,gluteus medius/minimus etc.) to perform Squat.

Its a biological team play to be considered simultaneously,”Fitness Trainer imran bajaj believes exercise is a skill which requires deliberate practice,time,continuous self observation and is a never ending learning process, “there’s always something new out there!.”

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