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Functional Fitness

Its little wonder that “we are all so inadvertently driven nowadays,” we prepare our body to go for a fitness,weight loss programs without validating their objective and history. For example,explaining the irrational behavior side of humans,we know that some of our actions could potentially damage the planet and its delicate ecosystem, we continue to ignore the warning signals and carry on as usual.

Not for a moment do we stop to contemplate the consequences of our short-sighted actions.”
There are people who go to the gym,boxes,studios etc. everyday, on the surface “they are big exerciser!.” Training to exhaustion in an under-nutrition state, is their tribe motto, shouting,crying,limping,embarrassment are like hymn to their oblivion workout culture.

“No pain! No gain! Ego can make you insane!”,I would say.
As per the study, regular vigorous exercise is a potent drug- if you don’t take enough,you wont be getting the optimum effects.And like a drug,an overdose could do serious harm to the body.Although vigorous is good,you don’t need to go overboard.

I believe there is a disconnect between such programs and their clients, and why we see clients hopping around the city from one magical program to another or stops working out due to injury and negative experience. My question is,”Where is the responsibility for health care in such programs?”,A health and fitness program should set out to develop comprehensive and systematic approach that not only over emphasis on premature “training to exhaustion” rather should first address foundational exercise principles such as “posture,movement,flexibility,balance,core function,cardio-respiratory fitness,muscular endurance and muscular strength” before complex advanced exercises such as “Jumps,swings,sprints,barbell complexes(clean jerk/snatch),long duration continuous cardio training etc.”

If its advance,trendy and difficult doesn’t mean its the right thing to do for results. Fitness or performance without health into consideration is self destruction, incorrect exercises if continued without intervention will mainly damage the musculoskeletal system,metabolic system and a lot more which can be a topic in itself.The first and utmost priority of clients should be health and not fitness or performance. Health is, “a body which can function day to day activities with ease(functional training means function not circus, does it ring any bell?) and without pain.” “which nourishes itself with good nutritious food( and not yo yo dieting) habits, stays away from stimulants,depressants,junk and other addictive’s.” “a body which lives in good spirits(Why not exercise the mind too!).” Before we can be a specialized human, like an athlete, we must first be a human being. That means we should be able to twist, bend, squat, move pain free, and be in good general health. Please note “Human being, before human doing.”

Gray Cook has a magnificent saying, “You can’t stack performance on top of dysfunction.”As a professional, I would like to wind up saying, “Health before fitness,Fitness before performance and being healthy is an enjoyable process if you embrace it.

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