Physical fitness

The diet worked so well I had to quit following it

Since this morning as part of my regular day ritual, I had been going through some health and fitness topics. Going through plenty of it for few hours, and having the habit to reflect on the literature with my own experiences for satisfactory validation. I realized there is no diet or exercise routine or practices/methods I wouldn’t have experimented on myself, it might have occurred naturally or sometimes through literary references but let me assure”I have tried it all or […]

Functional Fitness

Am I Building a House with “Wobbly Foundation!

Its little wonder that “we are all so inadvertently driven nowadays,” we prepare our body to go for a fitness,weight loss programs without validating their objective and history. For example,explaining the irrational behavior side of humans,we know that some of our actions could potentially damage the planet and its delicate ecosystem, we continue to ignore the warning signals and carry on as usual. Not for a moment do we stop to contemplate the consequences of our short-sighted actions.” There are […]

Foundational Exercise with imran

Why Understanding Foundational Exercise Principle is Important?

In order to explain the foundational principle, we must know the answer to “Why first of all we want to exercise!?”, Is it to be pain free(lower back,shoulder,knee pain etc.),look good (weight loss,fat loss etc.) or is it all of it,which is to be fit,to be active and functional in day to day life. Being aware of the goals before hand and conscious about the biofeedback such as pain,discomfort,tightness,uneasiness in certain movements is important for building a sustainable program. “A […]

proactive with imran

Why Corrective Exercises Matters ?

I have shared the glimpse on my last post about Corrective exercise training program, “as a movement or exercise chosen to improve postural fitness.” As we all go through some sort of pain,discomfort and feeling of tightness in performing our day to day activities. These are mere indications that something is missing in our exercise program and need to be addresses for optimum well-being. At personal level in the midst of my well thought exercise routine, I sometime fall prey […]