Fitness Philosophy­ “Functional Fitness”

Functional Fitness training is a classification of exercise which trains the body through the activities regularly performed in our daily lives. Imran uses a comprehensive, holistic and mindful approach that suits all skill levels. Clients’ are systematically introduced to the full range of natural human movements that help them reach their fitness goals. Functional fitness can be implemented by everybody, whether you just lose weight, build muscle, increase your agility, dexterity or overall health and stamina.





To empower and educate a new generation of clients’ and trainers who are primed with evidence-based methods of exercise science and to transform lives by creating strong, healthy bodies and minds. Imran Bajaj is actively spreading sound health and fitness education from his immediate circles to communities worldwide through his workshops, seminars, certification programs and individual training sessions as a Fitness Educator, Personal Trainer and Strength Coach.